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Very few things can make us put down our phones and devices.  Having a backyard water feature, fountain, waterfall, or pond construction performed by a professional contractor is one of those magical things that cause you to stop and put the world away. 

There are so many awesome benefits to having a pond construction done, we couldn’t possibly cover them all here so Ill just touch on a few

The sound, these living spaces hide the sound of the city. They do this by adding the sound of water and attracting birds’ songs to your yard.  They have a longer season than a pool because they are made to look at not just swim in.  A pond construction is personalized, they come in all shapes and sizes so the possibility to build them to your needs is endless.

However, these outdoor living spaces are more than just a place to relax for people. When you have Pondering Paradise build you a custom water feature it has compounding benefits for nature as well. 

We construct an ecosystem in your yard that recycles water runoff to run water features, cleaning it before it re-enters the environment. All kinds of wildlife will visit your yard to drink and enjoy what you have created! a pond construction is great for nature.

You can grow many different kinds of native wetland plants or even vegetables! You will bring both your food and your vacation closer to home and the environment will be better for it!

For more information on why a pond construction is an epic backyard living space read our blog that dives deep into the topic.

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Why choose pondering Paradise?

Often when a backyard living space is being built, it’s unidimensional in its application and purpose, it is built as an isolated feature.

Here we have developed a series of products that bring together multiple industries making our service truly one of a kind!

We aim to take the whole backyard garden experience and merge each feature into a cohesive unit. Water gardens work with rain harvesting and in turn, those two work with irrigation and growing vegetables or traditional gardens. 

Combining 4 types of backyard features that were often separate or connected loosely.

Rainwater harvesting, water gardens and ponds, vegetable gardening, and irrigation working together for a unified outdoor living experience that is not only low maintenance in its functionality but also beautiful. 

It’s a new way of thinking, it’s better for your health and the environment as well! 

A water garden is living art

Your backyard will explode with life through a pond construction. You can increase the biodiversity of your living space by adding wildlife and plants in a unique way. Your yard also becomes a waypoint for wildlife that would normally travel past. 

 A pond construction adds an element of both sound and movement to your outdoor living space that nothing else can. This provides many benefits. 

The sound of water is extremely calming and reduces noise pollution from nearby traffic or neighbors.

Pondering Paradise will design your pond construction as a habitat for koi or aquatic plants for water gardeners. Best of all,  the plants are low maintenance – no green thumb required.


ponds and water gardens

Every water feature is unique and the variety of styles, sizes, and shapes are endless.

The water needed to maintain a water feature does not require pumping in city water as it can be collected through rain harvesting. 

for a more in-depth article on the benefits of a pond construction

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