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There are many reasons a pondless waterfall is a desirable product for any yard. They can fit in small yards or fill up large ones. While being monitored, they are safe for smaller children who want to play in water but can’t swim. They are the safest and most malleable water feature you can build.

Pondless waterfalls

Disappearing and pondless waterfalls pricing.

All pondless waterfalls are customizable, have a budget in mind and we can let you know the possibilities, contact us for a free estimate.

BrookSide 6'x2'

Starting At

This waterfall is perfect for the front yard or small space that is hard to use in your yard. 

streamSide 15'x2.5'

Starting At

These waterfalls are pondering paradise most popular. A meandering stream and waterfall perfect for any yard! Safe for kids and pets. They attract all kinds of wildlife. Birds butterflies and much more!

RiverSide 20'x3'

Starting At

These waterfalls will look as though they have been there forever! With large areas where the water can pool so you can dip your feet, birds can bathe, and kids can play! The sound of water will change your yard!

Pondless waterfalls explained

A pondless waterfall can be placed anywhere on a property because of there ability to take on all shapes and sizes and how safe they are. One of the biggest benefits is the beautiful sounds they produce. They will hide the ambient noise of the city and neighbors allowing you to relax. 

They can be built to suit any spot and designed to sound like a stream, or a loud waterfall. Many yards have a space that it hard to fill, nothing seems to fit. A waterfall is often a perfect solution to this. 

They can also be built with a long stream with many twists and turns allowing you to mix the sound of a stream with the sound of falls. So as you walk around them they will change their sound.

They will also still attract wildlife like a pond would. Although pondless waterfalls don’t have ponds and so certain water plants cant be grown. marginal wetland plants can be planted  and will add beauty to your yard.

Pets and even children can explore them and play without worry of them needing to know how to swim, of course never leave children alone near any water feature.

You will want to make sure to build it so that at anytime you can open a window and hear it inside your home. 

They are a low maintenance feature. They can be turned off without any concern for fish. They take the least amount of energy to run.

Another bonus is that you can really easily add to them. If your budget is tighter and you want to explore water gardening this is a great place to start!

Check out some waterfalls

A pondless waterfall construction is an amazing addition to any back or front yard! The sounds of water, the birds swimming, the way it makes the mind relax! enjoy a few pictures and let us know what you think.

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Are pondless waterfalls DIY?

Yes they are! Pondless waterfalls are certainly an easier water feature to build for the DIY handy gardener. One of the really nice benefits of these features is they can have a pond added to them later.

So if your not sure if a water feature is for you or not they are a great place to start. If smaller stones are used then one can be built with some shovels and muscles.

If you find you enjoy these wonderful spaces you can always have a contractor in to do the heavy work of the pond later. 

What will we do for you?

Pondering Paradise can also install these features for the gardener who is more in line with watching people work and enjoying their labors after! 

A pondless waterfall is built where the water is stored underground, hidden away. We will dig the whole and build the basin. Then of course we will design and build the stream and falls to your taste. 

Later you can add a pond if you desire to expand on the project so they are a great place to start for someone just getting into the idea of water gardening. 

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