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Pondering paradise will supply koi and pond plants for your Koi pond or water garden.

The color and movement both koi and plants bring to any yard cannot be understated. Hours of time can be spent watching these spirited animals and unique flowers. 

koi fish and pond plants

Koi fish and pond plants explained

Koi fish and pond plants are such a massive topic, so be sure to follow our blog for in depth articles to continue to learn!

Koi originated in Japan around 150 years ago when farmers who would keep them for food discovered natural mutations that changed there color.

I feel they were meant to be colorful and and only turned brown to adapt to predation. When you see these animals you just know their colors are meant to be there! Some of the most vibrant fresh water fish you can get!

Their regular golden color moved into brilliant, reds, yellows, orange and golds. Over the years the hobby has spread globally.

These gentle giants make wonderful pets. After keeping them for a while you will look forward to their friendly movement towards you when they recognize you and the gifts you bring them. 

They are able to survive winters in a properly built water garden. Just add a bubbler to the water for gas exchange.

Read our winter koi care blog here.

We will source koi from Japan or locally bread koi for you.

Then there are the plants that accompany water gardens. Pondering Paradise will advise and supply all the plants you need to saturate your yard with color and attract birds and butterfly’s for you to enjoy!

Plants are vital to any healthy eco system. They clean the water, help supply fish with oxygen and a place to take shelter. 

The most popular plants would be lilies, water iris, cattails, and water hyacinth. All of these can be placed directly into the water where they will thrive and help keep your pond clean

Then there are marginal plants like, creeping Charly, arrowhead, Chinese celery and many other options. 

The moment these amazing plants are introduced to your yard you will see an expansion of wildlife coming to visit. Eventually colorful butterflies and dragonflies will begin to visit.

We believe that once koi fish and pond plants are brought into your yard it will relax you so much that the local birds pick up on that and begin to come closer to you, knowing your part of nature more than not!

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Keeping koi fish and pond plants

Keeping koi fish

The requirements to keep koi are relatively simple. A healthy environment and food essentially is all they need, and of course a watchful eye to enjoy their methodical movement.

Its advisable to have at least 36-48 inches of water if you plan on keeping them outdoors in winter. Or you will need a heater to insure the water does not freeze down to the bottom. 

Automatic feeders are available for when you go away for any length of time. These fish will also live of of the natural food available to them in the water garden. 

Koi can grow up to 2 feet long and are not meant to be kept in aquariums. They also live 30-50 years. So when you pick the type you want you will enjoy them for a long time!


keeping Pond plants

Pondering paradise will recommend the best suited plants for your garden. One of the best things about aquatic plants is that they can live really well in both shade and full sun. So no matter where your water garden is you can add these beauties.  

Pondering paradise is currently working on building a pond supply store that will allow you to come by and visit us. Until then we are happy to source the supply needed for your existing pond or the one we construct for you!


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