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Pondering paradise provides pond construction services. Building ponds and water gardens custom to your taste. We call them living art. They are beautiful, peaceful and also have some practical and useful aspects to them as well. Nothing will transform your yard quite like a water garden!

We build these living spaces to be tranquil, they will make your busy world melt away!

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POnd with waterfall Pricing

All ponds can be customized to your needs!

Oasis Series 11'x8'x2'

Starting At

Get your feet wet with this great starter pond. Excellent for those looking to enter into water gardening.

Eden Series 16'x11'x2'

Starting At

Hang your legs over the edge! This pond is Pondering Paradise most popular. It is large enough to become a centerpiece alone in your yard but small enough to complement what’s already there!

Paradise Series 20'x15'x3'

Starting At

Get swimming with the paradise special, this pond will turn your backyard into a cottage getaway. These ponds feel as though they have been there forever

Do you have a specific budget in mind?

Our pricing here represents the averages, we are able to design to your needs and budget, just contact us and we can let you know what’s possible!

Ponds and Water gardens explained

Is there difference between koi ponds and water garden ponds? Yes, there is a difference. A koi pond is designed to hold fish, has very particular filtration systems and can take on a more modern look, leaning towards an swimming pool look at times, however they can also look like garden ponds.

Often they are rectangular and above ground. They are built for the koi collector who wants to showcase their fish. The koi pond is designed for maximum enjoyment of the koi so plants and natural stone are only used to accent the design or in filtration. 

Garden ponds and water gardens are natural looking, they can be designed to hold fish, or not. A water garden can even be a pondless waterfall that has no actual body of water. Just a stream or waterfalls that disappear into an underground reservoir.

These gardens are also designed with waterside plants in mind. Often made from natural rocks and river stone they are not intended to look man made but as though they have been there forever. Often the water level is below ground so digging is necessary. This maintains the intended natural look.

Both koi ponds and water gardens are a great addition to any property, they often over lap in definition because the art form is very mailable. Coming in all shapes and sizes they can be built in almost any yard. 

The size and style of water garden you want to construct will depend on the size of yard you have, the amount of money you wish to spend, as well as your personal tastes.

Then there are also recreational ponds and water gardens that are built for swimming. They have all the benefits of a traditional pool without the chemicals. Instead they have a healthy environmental impact, both wildlife and people will benefit from more ponds and water gardens in our neighborhoods

Watch some before and after pond builds to see the amazing transformation your yard can have!

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want to learn more about ponds and water gardens?

contact us and we would love to help!

are water gardens DIY?

Water gardens can be as simple as a small pond created from a pre-formed plastics container, very easy to install for someone handy. Or they can be larger as to include large fish, ponds people can wade or swim in, and waterfalls.

So of course its possible to do it yourself. However, larger ponds can be a big undertaking for ‘do it yourself types’ and can take considerable time, effort and money.

Also, the ratios of filtration to water quantity in ponds and water gardens is essential for the prevention of algae and healthy environment for fish. 

We recommend everyone carefully do research and reach out to others who have done the projects for advice. Here at Pondering Paradise, we are happy to help with any questions you have.

What will Pondering Paradise do for you?

First, we will plan and design a water garden that will integrate into your yard like it was there for generations.

We will install the pond foundation, filters, and pumps with minimal disruption to your yard.

Then we put in plants and aerobic bacteria for a balanced pond ecosystem that is as clean as a Northern lake!

Having a pond in your yard should bring you peace and relaxation, not stress. So we build them to be low maintenance and self sufficient ecosystems.

we Help you build the yard you want!

Contact us for a free estimate, or just to chat and learn!

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