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Is Koi pond water good for plants? Absolutely!

So you want to know if pond water good for plants, eh?

In this Jump in the pond blog we will cover weather or not pond water is good for plants and gardens.

Why pond water is good for plants

Pond Water Vs City Water

Pond water and its environmental benefits

Pond water and your health


Just the fact that you thought to type into Google, “is koi pond water good for plants” means you’re already off to a really good start! Before I dig into the long answer for you I’ll give you the short one. Yes, pond water is good for plants, really good”! 

Did you know that there is a whole industry that is built around taking “pond” water and feeding plants? It’s called aquaponics. Similar to hydroponics in that it takes nutrient rich water and cycles it through the roots of plants allowing them to grow. So really the fact that you asked if your pond water is good for plants means in your mind you discovered an industry that many people believe is a key to a sustainable future!  

Why pond water is good for plants.

Well the simple answer is that nature has a cycle, one your water garden pond is already active doing. So if you you want to to is pond water good for plants depends on how healthy you eco system is in your pond. f you have fish they produce waste, this turns to ammonia, then bacteria called Nitrosomonas turns that ammonia into nitrites.

Then another type of bacteria called Nitrobacter tunes ammonia into nitrates. WHAT, you say?? Yeah I know what you’re thinking. The thing to know is that these nitrates are plant food. And also that the next time you dress up as a villain for Halloween you can call yourself nitrobacter!

This is why having both plants and filters in your koi pond is essential! The filter houses the bacteria and the plants eat the nitrates the bacteria produce. You’re recreating what nature does on a large scale in our river and lake systems. 

So the answer to is pond water good for plants is obvious in light of these things You should be using pond water to water your plants, if you’re not you pumping some of the best garden water out to be waisted away on nothing.

Pond water vs City water.

is pond water good for plants

When you set up a system to use koi pond water for your garden you start with the rainwater your property naturally collects, then you store that water to be used throughout the system. In the water garden then into the vegetable or traditional garden.

The system is self sustaining, and as we talked about above the water is amazing for growing plants. Watering the garden can be done through a number of ways, a built in system on the pond itself that drip feeds the plants.

Or a watering hose set up to be turned on like a city water hose on demand. Then there is the more integrated system of our harvest beds that work continually with the water garden and are fully automated. 

The water from your pond has other advantages that city water lacks, it is aerated, so if the plants get saturated they don’t rot out due to lack of oxegen. There is also less mineral build up and chemicals.

Did you know there is a good fungus called mycorrhizal fungus? This fungus helps transport nutrients to the roots of plants, nearly every single plant on earth lives symbiotically with this amazing fungus.

And well the sad truth is, city water is built to be antibacterial and antifungal. This is good for us, but not good for plants! So not only is pond water good for watering gardens, its way better than city water!

So not only is pond water good for plants its way better for them tan city water!

Pond water and the environmental benefits.

Grow vegetables with pond water

We talked about how pond water is good for your plants, so naturally you would use it right! Well that means you reduce your water usage from the city. As well as put less strain on the storm water system because you’re harvesting rainwater for the water garden. 

Then there is also the fact that you are providing a natural water source for wildlife, birds and animals benefit from ponds in a major way. It’s the winter now as I write this, when I look out into my yard I see dozens of birds drinking from the opening in the ice my bubbler makes! Birds thrive in our yard!

Bonus point! Not only is pond water good for plants. Plants are good for pond water. The relationship is not one way! Like all relationships they are reciprocal, plants help clean pond water and in turn make it a wonderful environment for fish and other aquatic life! So not only is pond water good for plants it has broader environmental benefits to out lovely earth!

Pond water and its health benefits

So because pond water is good for plants, it by natural extension is good for your health. Now I don’t mean drinking it of course, indirectly it will affect your health in a substantial way. From a birds eye view you help the environment in your neighborhood so over all you helping to create a healthy society and a healthier place for plants and animals.

More directly though if you use the water for a vegetable garden you’re now growing organic vegetables. We don’t need to go into why this is healthier, I think it’s obvious. Gardening Is great for our health, to sum it up, you interact with nature, get exercise, and calm the mind! So not only is pond water good for plants, it’s good for your health by extension! So not only is pond water good for plants its indirectly really healthy for people as well!

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