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Our harvest beds are a pondering paradise special. As awesome as farmers are not everyone wants to be one, right! So we have designed a vegetable garden product to take the farming out of the growing. 

We have brought together water gardening, vegetable gardens and rainwater harvesting amalgamated them into one product. This makes a low maintenance self-watering and fertilizing vegetable garden for fresh organic food at your fingertips.

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Why Grow food at home?

Well besides the plain awesomeness of the idea there are many really amazing things about bringing your food closer to home in our harvest bed vegetable gardens. 

First is your and ability to know exactly where the food has come from. These days we don’t know how many borders our food has crossed or how many hands have touched it before we eat it. When growing food at home all that is eliminated. 

The fuel and chemicals used to get that food to your doorstep are reduced by 100%, the only energy needed is what it takes at home to grow it and store it.

Did you know that a single serving of salad with some tomatoes and cucumbers uses 21 gallons of water to produce? Well, what if you could catch water from the rain on your property and grow that salad yourself!

The stress upon our water resources would drop! Then there is the fuel used to produce, ship, and store food.

When you grow it from home in a vegetable garden you reduce that energy usage by 61%. How many energy-saving techniques do you know that can reduce your footprint that much? How awesome is that? 

Then there are the health benefits of growing food at home. We know that the closer the food is from the vine the fresher and more healthy it is. As well as how much better it tastes! Who wouldn’t want to have that option in their yard?

At pondering paradise we have designed, over the last 5 years, a vegetable garden that functions off of the water gardens we build.

It takes the organic matter from the water collected by rainfall in a water garden and keeps the plants fed and watered through that system. All you have to do is place the seedlings in the harvest bed and it will take care of the rest. 

This is what we have done through harvest bed vegetable gardens. We have taken your outdoor living space and turned it into a way to save water and produce food with no experience or green thumb necessary!

The result is that you reduce your water footprint by saving water from entering the storm drain system and the water needed to produce a portion of your food.

You reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the fuel needed to produce that same food and get it to your doorstep.

And all the while you’re doing this you get to sit near these outdoor living spaces and relax in their beauty. Allowing them to do the work of growing while you vacation closer to home!

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What can our harvest beds Grow?

We like to break down our vegetable gardens harvest bed crops into a few categories. There are crops that can be grown fresh ready to eat. And others that can be grown to be stored for the winter. 

Ready to eat foods would be Celery, cucumbers, Salads, spinach, tomatoes, and squashes. These foods can be picked and eaten right from the tables. 

Then there are foods that can be eaten right away or stored in cold cellars. Cucumbers can be pickled, Tomato’s canned

Then there are cabbages, sweet potatoes, carrots,  and onions that can be stored as they are ready to be used in the future. 

What will we do for you?

We will build you a custom harvest bed that will blend into your yard and water garden as part of the garden system .

Rather that a big raised bed taking up a yard we design our harvest beds to belong to the rest of the garden. 

They function by working with the water garden. As the organic debris build up they get broken down by beneficial bacteria, these bacteria create nutrients that plants love to eat.

We utilize this process to grow your food. Creating a eco cycle in your yard that ends up on your table.

Low maintenance, carbon reducing, water saving, water cleaning, healthy eating closer to home!

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