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Pondering Paradise is both a pond construction and pond maintenance company. As pond contractors we offer a wide variety of services. Starting with free advice anytime, just call! We are Aquascape certified using proven pond construction techniques. On this page highlight our services from a birds eye view. At anytime click any of the our services links for an in-depth look at the specific aspects of our pond services. 

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A quick look at a few primary pond services we offer

Custom water gardens.

We believe every home should have a water feature, weather its full pond with fish or even just a water fountain the benefits are. numerable

For the home owner, it provides an escape that is another world away in your backyard. It will become one of the few things that can draw you away from the everyday rush, let you put down your devices and make you truly relax.

For the environment it provides a number of benefits. A stop for birds to drink, a place for nature to clean rain water runoff. And if you desire, a place for fish to thrive. There is nothing quite like spending a quiet evening watching the living art swim peacefully around you, as you sip a glass of wine and listen to the sounds of nature. Whatever pond service you need Pondering Paradise can help!

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take a minute and enjoy our video of a custom water garden

This video shows a 10x14x2 koi pond constructed by Pondering Paradise. It has a 2 foot waterfall and a 2 foot stream. 

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picture of a koi fish swimming in a pond

Koi and Water plants

Part of our pond service is to source koi and native plants for your water garden. The koi are either locally bred or Japanese bred Koi.

Koi are a beautiful addition to a water feature, you can watch them for hours on end. They can even survive the winters in a properly constructed water feature and are very low maintenance. 

Water plants are also low maintenance and if you chose native species you will attract butterflies and birds you have never seen in your yard before.   

Want to know about pricing?

Our first goal is to help educate everyone who wants to learn about these beautiful outdoor living spaces, not to sell them one!

picture of a koi fish swimming in a pond

Harvest tables.

Harvest tables are a Pondering Paradise special. We will build you a low maintenance, self sustaining garden that allows you to grow your own produce. No gardening experience required. They are self watering and self fertilizing. You simply plant the food and it will grow. Salads, winter crops, berries and fruits! Bring the crops closer to home and cut out the fossil fuels used in traditional farming!

Vegetable garden service


Have a question you want to ask about our pond services? Send us an email. 

Pricing of a water feature can range from $5,000-$35,000 on average. There are many factors that come into play. From the type of water feature, fountains to ponds, to the size of the build. the average investment will be about $25,000 for a pond. However we have all kinds of options for smaller features for budgeted projects.

Low to Medium. Modern ponds are self sustaining eco systems. In comparison they are far less maintenance then a pool and much better for the environment. They can go for weeks and even months,  often only needing to have the debris basket emptied now and then. 

Most green ponds are green  because they were not built correctly. The eco system needs to be set up properly so that algae does not dominate. When done correctly algae is kept at bay. 

No! When the pond is built right, mosquitos will not be able to breed. After years of running water features we have never seen mosquito larvae in any of them.

Water gardens are able to go through the winter with a simple winterization process. The fish will continue to live below the ice. The waterfalls can either be left to run to keep fresh water available for birds or they can be shut down. We offer opening and closing services and full instruction and education.

Yes! They are just like any other clean natural water source, they are safe to swim in. In fact you can build recreational water gardens specifically designed to function like a pool. They are a great fun, family friendly activity and serve as a fantastic educational resource as well.