water Garden Pricing

Every pond is a unique piece of art

Our water garden pricing represents what the average pond at each size will cost.  Remember that every job is unique to your tastes and needs. Our first responsibility is to help our neighbors learn about these beautiful works of art not to sell them one. Just contact us any time and we can have a chat to help you learn more with no pressure but to have fun going over how amazing koi pond are!


Oasis Series 11'x8'x2'

Starting At

Get your feet wet with this great starter pond. Excellent for those looking to enter into water gardening.

Eden Series 16'x11'x2'

Starting At

Hang your legs over the edge! This pond is Pondering Paradise most popular. It is large enough to become a centerpiece alone in your yard but small enough to complement what’s already there!

Paradise Series 20'x15'x3.5'

Starting At

Get swimming with the paradise special, this pond will turn your backyard into a cottage getaway. These ponds feel as though they have been there forever

have a specific budget?

There are many variations and options available when it comes to your backyard living space. We would be happy to quote you if you have a specific budget in mind and are curious as to what you can build. Our water garden pricing is also very flexible!


Harvest Table

A grow table designed to utilize collected fertilizer from your pond to nourish and grow edibles.
$ 650
00 plus*
  • Organic food
  • environmentally conscious
  • self watering and fertilizing

Water plant package

Water plants to add to your water garden build
$ 300
00 plus*
  • Native Lilly Pads
  • Marginal plants for the edging
  • Floating Plants

Koi and fancy gold fish

Japanese and local koi available. Fancy gold fish of many kinds!
$ 25
00 plus*
  • healthy fish guarantee
  • husbandry lesions
  • low maintenance

* Water garden pricing can vary depending on specific product you want to have constructed


Have a question you want to ask us on water garden pricing? Send us an email. 

Pricing of a water feature can range from $5,000-$20,000 on average. There are many factors that come into play,  from the size of the water feature, to plants and fish. Typically the investment will be about $15,000 for a medium sized pond. However we have all kinds of options for smaller features for budgeted projects.

Low to Medium. Water gardens are self sustaining eco systems. In comparison they are far less maintenance then a pool and much better for the environment. They can go for weeks and months,  often only needing to have the debris basket emptied now and then. 

Most green ponds are that way because they were not built correctly. The eco system needs to be set up properly so that algae does not dominate. When done correctly algae is kept at bay. 

No! When the pond is built right, mosquitos will not be able to breed. After years of running water features we have never seen mosquito larvae in any of them.

Water gardens are able to go through the winter with a simple winterization process. The fish will continue to live below the ice. The waterfalls can either be left to run to keep fresh water available for birds or they can be shut down. We offer opening and closing services and full instruction and education.

Yes! they are just like any other clean natural water source, they are safe to swim in. In fact you can build recreational water gardens specifically designed to function like a pool. They are a great fun, family friendly activity and serve as a fantastic educational resource as well.

The short answer is yes, but it depends on who is looking. Like any outdoor living space you have increased the area people can use. they are beautiful, lots of reasons. But not everyone wants one right! Here is a great article that goes deeper into the topic.